How Will Your Farm Business Benefit?

The AFMP is designed to help you think strategically about your business, build a strong Management Action Plan, and provide you with practical knowledge and insights to improve the everyday management of your operation.

Day One

Building a Winning Strategy and Plan

  • Understand what goes into an effective Management Action Plan and how to build one.
  • Learn to assess and manage risk in your operation.
  • Learn to think strategically about your business and the future of your operation.

Day Two

Building Your Management Team

  • Learn about personal leadership, how you work best and how to work with and motivate others.
  • Learn how to build a management team that will take your operation to the next level.

Day Three

Business Structure and Human Resources

  • Find out how business structure impacts your farm business.
  • Improve your understanding of financial statements and taxation.
  • Build a Human Resources plan that benefits your farm.

Day Four

Keeping Your Financial Score

  • Calculate your business’s key financial ratios and find out how your operation is performing.
  • Learn how to design a commodity marketing plan that will help you manage risk on your farm.

Day Five

Making it Happen

  • Develop a scorecard to monitor and track your farm’s financial performance.
  • Take action and effectively implement your Management Action Plan.
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