Here are some comments from participants of the past AFMP programs.


“I thought AFMP was a very worthwhile investment of my resources — both time and dollars. The financial management skills taught at AFMP are really important and the program really helps you focus your efforts and makes the process more productive.”

Alec Boekhoven

“AFMP is very well organized, thorough and professional. The information and skills we learned at AFMP really gave us a lot more confidence to make decisions.”

Marijn & Bridgette Fleuren

“AFMP really changed my perspective on business planning and provided tremendous value for our business.”

Karen Sanders

“AFMP does a real good job of getting you refocused on the things that make you money. It offers good insight and is very informative on all aspects of agriculture business.”

Carolyn & George Cornelissen

“The Management Action Plan really helps to hold us accountable. It helps us focus on marketing and financials and keep ourselves accountable for everything – from scheduling family meetings to acting on things in an appropriate time period. It all comes back to that Action Plan. It’s really action oriented and I like that.”

Kristin Ego McPhail

“I really like the AFMP planning worksheets and templates. They can really help you implement, track and do a better job. If you have a template to start with, that’s half the battle.”

Scott Timmings

“If you’re interested in different opportunities, bettering your operation and bettering yourself the Advanced Farm Management Program is a great opportunity. It really opens your eyes to other types of business operations and introduces you to farmers you don’t normally meet because many meetings are commodity specific.”

ArJan Kouwenberg

“I found that every day we had a class with AFMP there was something beneficial; hugely beneficial. I honestly give all aspects equal importance from your list of business planning to branding because if one is missing then your business will not be running smoothly and to the best of its abilities.”

Tina Connell

“For Eastern Ontario AFMP is a must. People are talking about the program and they are interested in it. It’s something the industry definitely needs.”

Jennifer Doleman

“AFMP gave me tools to analyse my business and make sure my company is healthy.”

Murray Good
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